Sunday, July 17, 2011

What A Week!

So I have been MIA for about a week now I suppose. So much has been going on here. Connor's surgery was the 14th and wow! Everyone tried to prepare us for what to expect but I guess you never really know what something is like until you experience it for yourself and everyone reacts differently to everything so we really didn't know what we were going to be dealing with. Well we have definitely had our hands full this weekend. Connor is such a trooper though. He is being such a great little guy through all of this.
I think it's going to take the full two weeks to recover for him because once he
starts feeling a little better he wants to talk and talk and talk. Not only talk but he wants to get up and walk around and be normal Connor. It is so exhausting for me trying to keep him down
It's a darn shame he has more energy three days after surgery than I do on a normal day. I really need to figure out a way to bottle up his energy so I can take a shot or two of it everyday :-)
Mom came out on Friday and stayed until today. It was really nice having the extra help so Brian and I could rest a little here and there. Connor really loved having Gramma here. It was a big comfort for him. I also got to do some crafting to settle my mind down a little bit. I didn't get much done of course because I couldn't really concentrate on my project. My mind was busy with my baby boy.
I will probably take a few more days off to devote my time to him but I won't be far away. Next week I will be back with some project shares. Until then....

See ya all soon! :-)

Sunday, July 10, 2011

So excited!!

OMG ladies!!!! I got so much accomplished over the weekend! Project pics coming soon. I now have 26 subscribers to my YouTube channel....YAY!!! And I am sorry to say that I have CAVED soooo much on my shopping ban. I went back to Michaels yet again and got some more goodies! Videos coming soon on that as well.

Short post today, have to make the munchkins dinner and get some more cards made.

See ya all soon! :-)