Sunday, June 19, 2011

Some of My Projects

These are just some of the projects I got done over the past few weeks. I have plenty more in the works but I won't show them till they are done.

 This is a simple little Notebook made with index cards.

 I glittered up some of the spots just to add a little bling.

I added ribbon to hide the binding rings.
I think this is soooo cute! But I am the one that made it so I might be giving myself too much credit. HAHA.

 This is another little Notebook made with index cards.

 I added Glossy Accents to some of the stripes to add a little extra pop to the cover.

I also added ribbon to the binding rings for this notebook. But of course I didn't get them in the picture. :-(

These Flowers are made from ribbon. I just used my hot glue gun to keep them
together. Sorry the picture is so blurry. New camera where the heck are ya????

I used 8 scalloped circles to make these cute little flowers. One scalloped circle is on the bottom and the other 7  get cut in half and get rolled into cone shapes and then glued down. Very easy
flower to make and they can be used for soooo many
things. I think this is one of my favorite paper flowers.

Well thats all I have done for now. I am going to be in the crafting room a lot this week because I have a ton of stuff  to finish up.
I can't start anything else until those projects are finished and I have to re-arrange my craft room. I think I will show pics when I get it all done. Thanks for stopping by!

See ya all soon! :-)


  1. I LOOOVE that little pink notebook. super super cutee!! Those flowers are way cute too!! So talented you are :-)

  2. Thanks! I thought you might like that pink notebook. :-)

  3. I really think they are all cute. I love the scallop flowers.

  4. Thanks Theresa! I will send you some with your next package. The first package was mailed already so I will just start on a new one for you :-)